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Short information about the keyboard school Riva San Vitale with weekly intensive courses.

In the south of Switzerland, the so called “Tessin”, you can find a very special music school: “Fachschule für Tasteninstrumente”. There you have the opportunity to visit one of the weekly courses for keyboards,  especially the old electromagnetic Hammond organ as well as for the electronic organ & home keyboards with drawbars. But of course it’s also possible to take these lessons on a digital piano. 4 electromagnetic original Hammond organs, 4 big electronic organs, 4 home keyboards from the upper class and 5 pianos are at your disposal. The classes are given personally by Peter Dennler-von Breunig, well known musician on the Hammond organ and author in some music magazines like the german/Austrian OKEY.

The classes run from the middle of February until the end of November, with not more than 5 students a week; in this way  every student can be individually taught in his own special program. For the accommodation there are nice single rooms with TV (also English channels) directly in the building. Rooms with private WC/shower are also available at a higher price. Lessons are taken in the morning from 9.00-12.00 and in the afternoon from 1.30-4.00 (none on Wednesday afternoon). Outside school hours you can still use the music room.

Riva San Vitale is situated on the lake of Lugano , near Italy. By car you can take the North-South-highway through the Saint Gotthard or San Bernardino tunnels. Or you can take a direct train from Basel or Zurich every hour which stops at the small railway station Capolago/Riva San Vitale (4 stops after Lugano). By plane you land at Zurich airport and take the train connection.

Since 1979 over 100 students a year visit the sunny south of Switzerland for the special  combination of concentrated music training and holidays . Ar you interested too? You’ll find more details about the Hammond courses on the special Hammond organ page ! Prices for the 27 private lessons and accommodation are given on request. 

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